In the spring of 1860, seventeen-year-old Sidney Judson loses his parents in an accident. Although he saw himself as a grown man before their deaths, now he cannot bear to stay at the home he shared with them. He leaves Roswell, Georgia, to journey to his father’s hometown of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, where he stays with his aunt and uncle, members of the Underground Railroad. While Sidney is facing the past his father tried to forget and is coming to terms with his own role in his parents’ deaths, his entire belief system is challenged by the community around him.

His attraction to the winsome Rachel further complicates his situation as her inner person far outshines that of his sweetheart in Georgia. He has made a promise to return home and, despite his misgivings, he keeps his word, only to break up with his girlfriend and discover that fighting for “The Cause” is not for him. In the end, Sidney deserts the Rebel army and travels once again to Pennsylvania, a changed man.

ISBN 978-1-936936-04-5

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