Jay Sochoka

Jay Sochoka overcame food addiction and family struggles as he evolved from a 306 lb. Fatman to a Boston Marathon runner, finding faith, love and self-acceptance along the way. His story— inspirational, poignant, and filled with humor—is the perfect companion as you run your own life marathon.


When I met Jay Sochoka, he was running for his life.

A self-described “fat man in recovery,” he once tipped the scales at more 300 pounds and had whittled himself down to a trim 198. He was about to run his fifth Steamtown Marathon, and was hoping to finish with a time that would qualify him for the Boston Marathon.. One of the best parts of my job as a community journalist is meeting ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Their stories are inspiring, entertaining, and, most importantly, real. Stories don’t come much better than Jay’s, and I’m honored that he invited me to help him tell it.
Jay Sochoka is still running for his life. After finishing this book, don’t be surprised if you find yourself running for yours, too.

—Christopher J. Kelly

With dozens of photos and practical tips for starting your own diet and fitness program

ISBN 978-0-9761553-9-3

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