Author KENNY LUCK takes readers on a riveting ride through the science, law, and history of relationships and dating in short easy-to-digest bites. A relationship columnist and master of the love arts, Luck has dug through piles of research, presenting the most relevant and important facts about love and relationships that the world has known.

Did you know... ?

• Sixty percent of men and forty percent of women are trying to steal someone else’s partner (Fact #5).

• In 2010, the online dating industry made $2 billion dollars in the United States (Fact #16).

• In Mauritania, West Africa, women eat more than 16,000 calories a day (Fact #100).

• Twenty percent of intercourse cases involve people who knew each other but were not in a relationship, and another fifteen percent involve people having sex after first meeting (Fact #13).

• The majority of breakups are not mutual (Fact #78).

Amusing and informative, and loaded with facts, author commentary, and graphics, 101 Facts of Love delivers all of the information that answers all of your sex, love, and relationship questions.

ISBN 978-1-936936-06-9

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