Set in a small Pennsylvania coal town after World War II,
SONS OF SORROW is a deeply moving story of a family tragedy. Dramatic action plus sensitive psychological portrayal
of unforgettable characters.

An excerpt from SONS OF SORROW:

The ugly laughing voice cut at him. It made him bleed. “Let him go. Let’s see how tough he is. Let him go. Let him go.”

Slowly, the viselike grip released and Joseph found himself free. He glared at the evil, challenging face of his father. But now there was a new image. He saw the face of his mother. He saw the face of his brother. That same ugly voice was taunting them. It was defiling them.

He saw his father’s body in front of him, and Joseph lunged toward it, furiously trying to still the voice and its filthy, degrading words.

He felt the supreme pleasure of driving his fist against the flesh and bone of his father’s face. He saw his father’s blood. Finally, his father fell. Joseph Flynn stood alone, in a triumph he couldn’t understand.

ISBN 978-1-936936-07-6

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