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Ripe as a plump chardonnay grape on a twisted vine, meek, middle-aged Wally Wilson swells with the golden promise of tomorrow. Unleashed on a psychedelic pilgrimage through California’s Central Coast wine country, destiny forces Wally to face Syrah, a vicious personal demon who taunts and pushes him through tangled vineyards of bloody vengeance and deadly despair. Seeking only peace of mind, Wally finds faith in a rogue priest, seeks guidance from a killer ex-convict newspaper columnist, and defies corrupt politicians, brutal cops and raging wildfire. Heading deeper into his journey, Wally explores the comfort of cannabis and meets crazed militia members pitted against an all-female eco-terrorist tribe. A sacred coyote born of Mexican witchcraft and Sinaloan super saint Jesús Malverde also shows Wally the way. In the end Wally discovers a shocking legacy and eventual enlightenment. Wally Wilson’s far out trip and story of redemption will blow your mind.