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Psycho first-time voter Pug Mahoney and die-hard members of the “Irish Guys” social club In Northeastern Pennsylvania hard coal country will do anything to guarantee President Donald Trump’s re-election.
In this hard run through the underbelly of Irish America, savage ignorance and white-hot hatred forge a double-barreled attack on immigrants, racial minorities, LGBTQ liberation, and the tribe’s own twisted Irish-American identity. Together, these defective and dangerous lads collude in a cruel cultural campaign of drunk and disorderly apocalypse that dooms their suicide mission to make America Great Again!
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Steve Corbett first visited Ireland in 1972. As a 21-year-old Penn State student living and studying in Dublin, he boxed as a heavyweight in the County Dublin championships. The grandson of an Irish immigrant coal miner and son of a Pennsylvania police detective, Corbett has won state and national journalism awards as a Northeastern Pennsylvania newspaper columnist and radio talk show host. He has returned to Ireland many times and hosted tours there for several years. He lives in Scranton with his wife, Stephanie.

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In the spring of 1860, seventeen-year-old Sidney Judson loses his parents in a carriage accident. Although he thought of himself as a grown man before their deaths, now he cannot bear to stay at the home he shared with them.

He leaves Roswell, Georgia to journey north to his father's hometown in Pennsylvania where he stays with his aunt and uncle, soon discovering that they are members of the Underground Railroad. While Sidney is facing the past his father tried to forget and coming to terms with his own role in his parents' deaths, his entire belief system is challenged by the community around him. His attraction to the winsome Rachel further complicates his situation as her inner person far outshines that of his sweetheart in Georgia. The closer he grows to his northern family, the more he wishes he'd never promised to return to the south.
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Alison Treat was raised in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. After graduating from King's College with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, she wrote for newspapers and worked in the behavioral health field. She lives with her husband and two children in Northeastern Pennsylvania, with an occasional lengthy excursion into 19th Century America. One Traveler is her first novel.

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Ripe as a plump chardonnay grape on a twisted vine, meek, middle-aged Wally Wilson swells with the golden promise of tomorrow. Unleashed on a psychedelic pilgrimage through California’s Central Coast wine country, destiny forces Wally to face Syrah, a vicious personal demon who taunts and pushes him through tangled vineyards of bloody vengeance and deadly despair. Seeking only peace of mind, Wally finds faith in a rogue priest, seeks guidance from a killer ex-convict newspaper columnist, and defies corrupt politicians, brutal cops and raging wildfire. Heading deeper into his journey, Wally explores the comfort of cannabis and meets crazed militia members pitted against an all-female eco-terrorist tribe. A sacred coyote born of Mexican witchcraft and Sinaloan super saint Jesús Malverde also shows Wally the way. In the end Wally discovers a shocking legacy and eventual enlightenment. Wally Wilson’s far out trip and story of redemption will blow your mind.
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Steve Corbett is a longtime journalist who won state and national awards as a newspaper columnist and radio talk show host. During the five years he lived and worked on California’s Central Coast, he covered the Michael Jackson trial for SKY News and worked briefly at a boutique winery. He lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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